Co-organizer of the Awards 2016

Message from Occupational Safety & Health Council


Everyone benefits from a smoke-free environment. Besides, the harmful effects of smoking are well proven. Smoking in workplaces affects smokers’ health. Worse still, secondhand smoke is harmful to co-workers and others. In fact, studies indicate that smoking would affect work efficiency and could lead to other hazards, such as fire. The Occupational Safety and Health Council (OSHC) is committed to promoting ‘Good Health is Good Business”. We have been working hand-in-hand with partners with a view to creating and sustaining a safe and healthy working environment for all. Recent campaigns include promotion of stress management and positive psychology, prevention of infectious diseases and violence in the workplace, etc. OSHC fully supports the Hong Kong Smoke-Free Leading Company Awards. Through nurturing a smoke-free culture, together, we could create a healthy working environment where employers, employees and the community could benefit. Good Health is Good Business!