Smoke-free Resources

COSH provides different kinds of resources including Guidebook for Smoke-free company, health talks, promotion leaflets and souvenirs to assist companies in promoting smoke-free messages to employees and other stakeholders.

  • Guidelines on the use of Hong Kong Smoke-free Leading Company Awards Logo (PDF format, 572.3 KB)

    All award-winning companies are welcomed to use the logo and information of the Hong Kong Smoke-free Leading Company Awards at their corporate website, promotion activities or collaterals to demonstrate their commitment to smoke-free culture and corporate social responsibility.  

  • 2016 Awards Booklet (PDF format, 10.7 MB)

    Hong Kong Smoke-free Leading Company Awards 2016 Awards Booklet listed the awards list and introduced the wide variety of smoke-free measures adopted by the companies receiving the Triple Gold Awards, Gold Awards, Silver Awards and Most Creative Smoke-free Policy Awards. 

  • Smoke-free Construction Force Leaflet (Chinese version only) (PDF format, 1.4 MB)

    The leaflet provides information on smoking prevalence among construction industry, benefits and tips of smoking cessation to assist the industry in promoting smoke-free messages and encouraging smokers to kick the habit to safeguard employee’s occupational safety and health.

  • Smoke-free Buddy Handbook (PDF format, 17.2 MB)

    Quitting smoking is not easy for most smokers. Support from a Buddy is very important. Smoke-free Buddy Handbook provides suggestions and tips on encouraging smoking family members, colleagues and friends to kick the habit.

  • Guidebook for Smoke-free company (PDF format, 2.6 MB)

    The Guidebook assists companies in setting up appropriate smoke-free policies/measures to spread healthy messages to employees and encourages smokers to quit smoking.

  • Fagerstrom test for nicotine dependence (PDF format, 225.8 KB)

    Fagerstrom test helps smokers understand their nicotine dependence level.