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Message from Occupational Safety & Health Council

Occupational Safety and Health Council

A smoke-free culture is key to our health, and a smoke-free workplace could further protect the employees from the harm of cigarette. According to studies, smoking could possibly affect one's work efficiency, and possibility cause other hazards such as fire accident.


Occupational Safety and Health Council is committed to promote workplace safety and health for all. With this vision, we have launched the "Joyful@Healthy Workplace" campaign jointly with government departments to promote the importance of cultivating a positive mental well-being, healthy eating habit and mindfulness, and at the same time, raising the public awareness and concern on the benefit of a healthy workplace.


Good Health is Good Business! As the co-organizer of the Hong Kong Smoke-Free Leading Company Awards, we firmly believe that a smoke-free culture will bring us healthier workplaces and a better future.

Message from Radio 1 of Radio Television Hong Kong

Radio 1 of Radio Television Hong Kong

In setting out our aspiration for a smoke-free and healthy Hong Kong, Radio Television Hong Kong has been working closely as a partner of Hong Kong Council on Smoking and Health (COSH) and a member of the “Smoke-free Family” for programmes targeting individuals, family and smoke-free workplace throughout the years. It’s almost three decades since I was determined to be a smoke-free pioneer and tendered my support to COSH in disseminating smoke-free messages among all walks of life including the youngsters, elderlies and various sectors of the community via the Radio Television Hong Kong platform.


I am glad that Radio Television Hong Kong co-organized the “Smoke-free Channel”, a Smoke-free Publicity Programme for World No Tobacco Day, with COSH in 2019, as well as supported the “Hong Kong Smoke-free Leading Company Awards” again which aims to encourage the business sector to implement sustainable measures in striving a smoke-free Hong Kong. The Department of Health officially launched the “Healthy Hong Kong 2025 " campaign and one of the targets setting out for health and wellbeing is a severe drop in the smoking prevalence, which is also the desire of people who are health-conscious.


Mr HO Chung Yan, David, Head of Chinese Programme Service, Radio Television Hong Kong