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2011 Awards Presentation CeremonyBack

“Hong Kong Smoke-free Leading Company Awards 2011” awards presentation ceremony was held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on 14 March 2012. The Officiating Guests of the ceremony were Dr York Y N CHOW, GBS, JP (Former Secretary for Food and Health), Dr Thomas TSANG, JP (Former Controller, Centre for Health Protection, Department of Health), Ms Lisa LAU, MH, JP (COSH Chairman) and Prof. Sophia Chan (Former COSH Vice-Chairman), Mr Andrew YUEN (General Committee Member of Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce), Prof LAM Tai-hing, BBS, JP (Director of School of Public Health, Sir Robert Kotewall Professor in Public Health, The University of Hong Kong), and Prof Patrick WONG, BBS, JP (Chairman of Quit-Winners Club).


Ms Lisa LAU, MH, JP, Chairman of COSH said, “Companies play a leading role in promoting smoke-free culture. They can show their concerns on the health of their staffs through helping them to quit smoking. At the same time, these companies can influence other enterprises, especially those from the customer services sector, or even make an impact on the public.” Therefore, she recommended the awardees to carry on its social responsibility to lead the business sector, and take the initiative to support smoke-free culture in order to build a healthy and smoke-free Hong Kong.


Over 200 representatives from the awarded companies and organizations participated the awards presentation ceremony. COSH prepared a premiere video and showed on the ceremony, which vividly introduced the ingenious smoke-free measures adopted by the awardees. Moreover, COSH invited artist Ms Jade Kwan to share tips from her relatives about how to quit smoking. Also, she made a strong appeal to the smokers to say NO to cigarette without hesitation. In addition, the well-known financial commentators, Mr. CHAN Wing Luk and Prof. LAM Tai-hing were invited to introduce, with laughter and giggles in between, the earnings of the investment on health. They received a burst of applause from the guests and the representatives of the enterprises and organizations.


The awarded companies and organizations were presented with trophies or certificates as recognition. The logo of the awards could also be used on their company websites and promotion materials for demonstrating their corporate social responsibility and support to smoke-free culture.


Please click here to view the video introducing the smoke-free measures adopted by the awardees of Hong Kong Smoke-free Leading Company Awards 2011.