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2019 Activities

“A Glance of The Best” video “A Glance of The Best” Video The Awards in 2019 scaled a new height with more than 530 companies participating, a 10% increase as compared with the Awards in 2016. Over 130,000 employees from a wide variety of industries were benefited. COSH has invited the winning companies to share the ways and experience in promoting the smoke-free culture. Special Programme of “Hong Kong Smoke-free Leading Company Awards 2019” Awards Presentation Ceremony Special Programme of “Hong Kong Smoke-free Leading Company Awards 2019” Awards Presentation Ceremony In view of the pandemic of Coronavirus Disease 2019, a special programme jointly produced by Hong Kong Council on Smoking and Health (COSH) and RTHK was broadcast on 21 August 2020 during the programme “Healthpedia” on RTHK TV31 and Radio 1 to commend the outstanding companies and highlight their remarkable smoke-free policies. It was also the first live streaming Awards ceremony on Facebook reaching out more audience.   Participating guests of the programme included Honourable Patron, Prof Sophia CHAN (Secretary for Food and Health), Co-organizer, Bonnie YAU (Executive Director, Occupational Safety and Health Council), Gold Awardees and Winners of the “Outstanding Smoke-free Community Involvement Award”, Connie LAM (Director of Human Resources, CLP Power Hong Kong Limited) and Jenny PONG (Director of Human Resources, Gammon Construction Limited) and Antonio KWONG (COSH Chairman). Singer, Candy LO shared her successful experience in overcoming the tobacco addiction and encouraged smokers to strengthen their quit will.   "Smoke-free policies at workplaces help motivate smoking employees to go smoke-free, improve work efficiency and minimize healthcare expenses which would achieve win-win-win situations for employees, company and the society.” said Antonio KWONG, COSH Chairman. COSH has organized tailored publicity programmes targeting industries with high smoking prevalence over the years. Some awardees had participated in these industry specific programmes before and now became the role models of their sectors. This year, COSH is going to launch a programme for housing management industry with an aim to enhance their role in advocating smoke-free culture.   Honourable Patron of the Awards, Prof Sophia CHAN, Secretary for Food and Health mentioned that company and organization support for smoke-free policies at workplace is essential in achieving a smoke-free Hong Kong. It is encouraging that there is an increasing number of companies concern the health of workforce and raise staff awareness on a smoke-free lifestyle. Promotion of smoking cessation services is one of the Government's multi-pronged tobacco control policies. We will work closely with various partners to provide variety of smoking cessation services and explore ways to motivate smokers staying away from tobacco.   The Awards list and awardees' successful experiences of smoke-free policy implementation were announced and promoted with short videos, media coverage and an Awards booklet through the Awards website and different online platforms. Workshop of coping with tobacco cravings by street workout Workshops of Coping with Tobacco Cravings Two workshops featuring street workout and mindfulness, were co-organized by Hong Kong Council on Smoking and Health and Radio 1 of RTHK to motivate smoking employees to curb their tobacco craving and videos were produced for promotion.   Coping with Tobacco Cravings by Street Workout - The street workout workshop aims to assist businesses in motivating smoking employees to develop healthy habits and replace smoking by doing exercises. Please click here to view highlight video (Chinese version only).   Coping with Tobacco Cravings by Mindfulness Meditation - The mindfulness workshop aims to assist smoking employees to curb the tobacco cravings and kick the habit by relieving stress and strengthening the quit will. Please click here to view the highlight video (Chinese version only).