Hong Kong Council on Smoking and Health has organized the

“Hong Kong Smoke-free Leading Company Awards“over the years

to encourage business sector to promote smoke-free culture and

commemorate the outstanding companies

for their efforts in implementing smoke-free policies.

The Awards received overwhelming response

with more than 530 companies and organizations joined in 2019 and also

a record high of over 130,000 employees were benefited.


By organizing the“Hong Kong Smoke-free Leading Company Awards”,

Hong Kong Council on Smoking and Health targets to

motivate different businesses to sustain the promotion of a smoke-free culture,

support smoking employees and members of the public to quit smoking

and enhance the competitiveness of businesses,

so as to create a win-win-win situation for businesses,  employees and the community.


This year, 16 companies and organizations received the Gold Awards,

two of them got the Triple Gold Awards in recognition of their

continuous commitment to implementing smoke-free measures.

They are:


Belle International

 “SoBelle Story” is an internal communication channel with our staff.

By means of short stories,

we raised awareness on smoking hazards

and promoted the benefits of smoking cessation among staff.

The smoking population has a tendency of getting increasingly young.

Recently, we have introduced a set of smoke-free WhatsApp stickers 

incorporating popular slang words to help colleagues better understand

the benefits of smoking cessation.


Richform Holdings Limited

Promoting smoke-free policies at workplace

is the best and a profitable investment for a company.

We believe that being smoke-free is asking people to live a healthy life.

Therefore we actively participated in expressing our views at Legislative Council.

We have topped our priority to fulfill corporate social responsibility.

Chinese medical consultation on smoking cessation is available in our company.

Our Chief Executive Officer is a Chinese medical practitioner

and he provides complimentary consultation for staff.


Construction Industry Council

Construction industry is labour-intensive.

Smoking adversely affects practitioner’s cardiovascular health

or brings other health problems,    

so they could not perform their jobs well.

One of the key missions for Construction Industry Council   

is to train up our construction workers

We constantly penetrate the smoke-free message to the curricula

no-smoking is allowed in the workplace

and suggest them not to smoke even during non-working hours.

We hope that the smoke-free culture in the industry

and prevail when students are still in school


Green Island Cement Company Limited

If our staff smokes,

we will encourage him not to smoke.

If anyone wants to smoke, they can only smoke in the designated smoking area outside the plant area.

We installed an infrared sensing audio reminder system at the entrance

which reminded our staff that

smoking is hazardous to ones’ health.

We hope that this warm reminder

would inspire them to reduce their daily tobacco consumption.

For instance, if they consume four times a day,

we hope they can reduce to twice a day,

for a gradual improvement on a daily basis.


New World Construction Company Limited (Hip Seng Group of Companies)

31 May is the “World No Tobacco Day”.

We echoed and promoted the day with charity element.

The event aimed to encourage smoking staff to reduce daily consumption

by donating their cigarettes on that day.

The coverage of the smoke-free promotional videos is quite extensive.

Our staff or craftsmen appears in the videos to share own stories.

As an ex-smoker myself,

I was deeply impressed by these videos.

I think it would be a huge source of encouragement

if you have someone walking aside and quitting smoking at the same time.


ARA Asset Management (Fortune) Limited

We have displayed enormous smoke-free banners

outside our shopping mall.

The amount of cigarette butts found had significantly reduced

at the smoking hot spots.

A support group was formed

comprising of smoking staff

and ex-smokers.

The group organized sharing sessions regularly.

The smoking cessation support group

helped smoking staff to overcome tobacco cravings,

and therefore to reduce the amount of smoking employees substantially.


Link Asset Management Limited

Promoting a smoke-free culture

is beneficial to owners,


and also customers of shopping malls.

The public could acquire the latest smoking cessation information

at the “Quit to Win” booths that set up in our properties.

We also communicated closely with our tenants

to promote the benefits of a smoke-free culture

in order to reduce the fire accidents in shopping malls.

It can also make our collaboration to achieve a seamless transition.


Well Born Real Estate Management Limited (A Member of Henderson Land Group)

A smoke-free culture helps improve the professional image of our employees.

We noticed that some of them,

especially the frontline security guards,

they have longer working hours.

Hence, some smoke-free corners were set up.

Recreational activities were initiated to

help them eliminate negative thoughts and emotions during work

instead of coping with it by smoking.


DHL Express (Hong Kong) Limited

Many of our employees work outdoor,

so a pocket-size health journal named "60-day Health Journey" was distributed.

The campaign included three elements

which were balanced diet, regular exercises

and smoking cessation.

Many staff participated in this 60-day campaign

which raised their health consciousness

and motivated some staff to successfully quit smoking


The "Star" Ferry Company, Limited

Smoke-free posters were voluntarily displayed

at the public observation deck of Wan Chai Ferry Pier,

which indeed is not a statutory no smoking area.

We aimed to promote smoke-free culture in

the facilities at the piers and on ferries

which are excellent communication platforms.

For example, boarding area, information board on the ferry

or public area at the pier

can be fully utilized to display and disseminate smoke-free messages.


The Hong Kong Jockey Club - Retail Department

To implement smoke-free policies,

publicity and education are essential tools.

Since 2016,

the “Quit to Win” campaign has been taking place

at the branches of The Hong Kong Jockey Club.

By taking full advantages of the extensive network,

we utterly promote smoke-free culture.

The Hong Kong Jockey Club

worked closely with district organizations

to provide health talks and body checks

with overwhelming response.

We hope that these activities

could encourage citizens to kick the smoking habit,

and understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle.


The University of Hong Kong

The University Health Service of The University of Hong Kong (HKU)  

organizes activities and exhibitions on smoking and health every year.


The School of Nursing, HKU established two smoking cessation hotlines

and provided complimentary counseling service to the public.

Over 2,500 young smokers

used this service

and about 40% of the smokers

had reduced smoking or completely stopped.


Correctional Services Department

The Correctional Services Department (CSD) joined

the “Quit to Win” Campaign for the first time in 2018.

30 persons in custody (PICs) from Lo Wu Correctional Institution

and Stanley Prison were recruited to join this smoking cessation contest. 

In 2019, CSD further extended the contest to Tong Fuk Correctional Institution

and Tai Lam Correctional Institution.

PICs who successfully kick the habit will be invited to an award presentation ceremony.

At the ceremony, they can meet their family members and share with them the joys of quitting smoking.


Kwai Chung Hospital

For patients with mental health problems,

if they also have a smoking habit,

situation would become more complicated.

Why does the smoke-free drama sound special?

Because it allowed participation from different stakeholders,

such as ex-smokers,

family of smokers,

and also non-smokers.

We use an interactive and accommodating approach

to explain the importance of smoking cessation.


Two of the Gold Award winners are also awarded

the "Outstanding Smoke-free Community Involvement Award"

for recognition of remarkable contribution in spreading smoke-free messages in the community

They are:


CLP Power Hong Kong Limited

Since the late 1980s,

CLP Power has organized “CLP Power Safety, Health & Environment Day” in Black Point Power Station every year.

Starting from 2014, “Smoking Hazards” was added as a regular theme in the event.

Besides setting up smoke-free promotion booth,

CLP Power encourages the participants to support the total ban on e-cigarettes and other alternative smoking products.


Gammon Construction Limited

Our in-house healthcare team is comprised of registered nurses.

They would enact smoke-free policies at the headquarter,

as well as visit the sites regularly to communicate with frontline workers.

Over 10,000 staff were reached every year.

In last July, we launched

a reward program

which lasted for one year.

If participants could lower smoking addiction index within one year,

we will reward both the quitters

and their families


Promote a smoke-free workplace

Encourage employees to quit smoking

Strive for a healthy lifestyle

Build a smoke-free Hong Kong in joint hands