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Quit Tips

Support from companies can improve the chances of employees of quitting smoking successfully. Quitters can also refer to below quit tips to overcome the addiction.

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Be prepared and set a quit date. Inform your family, friends and colleagues that you are quitting smoking and ask for their support and encouragement.


Whenever you want a cigarette, wait! Slow down your action and recall your reasons of quitting. If you are already holding a cigarette in your hand, try not to get it lighted. In a few minutes, you will get over your urge.


Wash your face, listen to your favourite music or talk to others in order to let yourself 'cool down'. You may also take a short break, do some stretching exercises, cultivate new interests and hobbies, such as planting, reading, playing chess or go for a walk to divert your attention on the urge.

Deep Breathing and Drink Water

Do not underestimate the impact of simple steps like deep breathing and drinking water which will help you defeat your urge to smoke. You can also relieve stress and regain concentration by taking a deep breath slowly.

Rectify behaviours associate with tobacco use

When you quit smoking, you may sometimes feel emptiness in your hand without holding a cigarette. You are suggested to bring along a decompression ball or a pen with you and play with them in spare time to divert attention, which helps rectify your behaviours associate with tobacco use.

Quit tips for practitioners of transportation industry (Chinese Version Only)(PDF format, 2.7 MB)


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