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2013 Awards Presentation CeremonyBack

Hong Kong Council on Smoking and Health (COSH) and Radio 1 of Radio Television Hong Kong co-organized the Hong Kong Smoke-free Leading Company Awards 2013 with an aim to encourage businesses to promote and implement sustainable smoke-free policy. The Awards received an overwhelming response with over 300 companies from different industries participated, a 60% increase as compared with 2011 and successfully reached more than 60,000 employees. Over 30 chambers of commerce and industrial associations also fully support the Awards by motivating members to join and promote the smoke-free culture to employees, customers and the general public.


The awards presentation was held on 18 Feb 2014 at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre and officiated by Honourable Patron of the Awards, Dr KO Wing-man (Secretary for Food and Health), Lisa LAU (COSH Chairman), Philip CHOW (Assistant Director of Broadcasting(Radio & Corporate Programming), Dr Cindy LAI (Deputy Director of Health), Bernard CHAN (President, Asia Financial Holdings Limited), Prof LAM Tai-hing (Chair Professor of Community Medicine & Sir Robert Kotewell Professor in Public Health, School of Public Health, The University of Hong Kong), Dr Christine WONG (Head, Tobacco Control Office, Department of Health), Prof Patrick WONG (Chairman, Quit-Winners Club), Antonio KWONG (COSH Vice-chairman) and Pakho CHOW (Smoke-free Ambassador).


“The awards-winning companies have implemented diversified, creative and sustainable smoke-free measures with regular reviews to ensure they meet the current needs. Companies provide an effective smoking cessation platform to encourage smoking employees to kick the habit and incorporate the smoke-free culture as part of the corporate culture. The employees have also been well-equipped to spread the smoke-free messages widely to their families, customers and the general public.” Lisa LAU, COSH Chairman said.


A variety of effective and creative smoke-free measures have been implemented and were welcomed by the employees, e.g. inviting staff to design smoke-free logo with corporate identity, organizing Cessation Buddy programme and promoting smoke-free family through interactive online platform. The companies also proactively share the fruitful experience with their counterparts.


Honourable Patron of the Awards, Dr KO Wing-man, Secretary for Food and Health remarked that the smoking prevalence in Hong Kong has dropped to 10.7%, a record low in the past 30 years. The commitment of businesses helps Hong Kong to become one of the economies with the lowest smoking prevalence in the world. A supportive smoke-free workplace can help smokers kick the habit which improves the health and efficiency of the employees. By participating in the Awards, businesses can build positive image, fulfil corporate social responsibility and serve as role models for other companies, resulting in a win-win-win situation for corporations, employees and the community.


Creating a smoke-free workplace can protect the employees’ health which is crucial for the sustainable development of businesses. The award-winning companies are well recognized for creating a smoke-free atmosphere and supportive environment for smokers to quit smoking, setting a supreme model and motivating the industry to support the smoke-free culture in joint hands.